Understanding the Need and Validity of Paternity Test!

DNA technology has made paternity testing easier than ever. It is almost a necessity to do a paternity test, especially when one expects to get child support. Courts rely on the results of such tests for passing respective orders, simply because DNA testing is 100% accurate, especially when done at an accredited lab. Today, paternity testing is the simplest way to settle family disputes in court, especially when there is property, child support or other issues involved. It is also possible to take paternity test with siblings as required. State laws vary when it comes to tests and how the results are interpreted in court, and here are some aspects worth knowing.

Child support and DNA testing

In case the parents got married when the child was born or conceived, the husband is considered to be a legal father and further tests are not necessary. If the child was born before the marriage of the couple and the husband chooses to sign what’s called the “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity”, DNA testing is not required, especially if the couple decides to separate late. In this case, the husband will be asked to pay for child support.

When unmarried parents break up and the man doesn’t sign for paternity and denies being father to the child, DNA test is an absolute must. The court is likely to order for the test, which will help in establishing paternity. The husband must cooperate and get the DNA test done as per the orders of the court, or else, the case may go against him.

Note that these are generic situations, so it depends on the facts of the case.

Completing paternity test at home

It is possible to do a paternity test at home. You just have to order a test, and the kit will come with all the necessary instructions. Just collect the sample and submit to the lab, to get your results. Note that home paternity tests are not admissible in court but may offer peace of mind. If your father is not willing to go for the same, you can collect DNA sample from hair, saliva, or even cigarette buds. A paternity test is good for peace of mind, and while the testing is done in the same way as legal paternity test, court will order for a test, if needed for the case.

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